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Winscombe Primary School




Lesson Objective: To consider why people go on pilgrimage and special journeys.


Why do people travel great distance today? Mention music festivals, sporting fixtures, holidays etc.

How do people prepare for such an event? What do they pack? Who do they go with? What makes the journey a success?


Introduce the idea of a PILGRIMAGE [a journey to a special place] and a PILGRIM [a person who visits the special / sacred place to help strengthen their religious beliefs].


Read the knowledge organiser to find out more.



  1. the reasons WHY people make pilgrimages [e.g: to pray, to say thank you for a blessing, for healing – a spring in Lourdes in France is believed to cure illness - to worship, to renew their faith or commitment]
  2. WHERE pilgrims go; what are the places of pilgrimage? [e.g: buildings such as temples or tombs – associated with the religions god/s, or teachers or history – a place of a miracle, a natural place such as a sacred river or mountain, a sports stadium etc]


TASK: Use the knowledge organiser attached to find out the main religious site for each religion. Draw one of the religious special places and explain why people visit there. You only need to choose 1!



Below is the link to the next session Mrs Worthy would like us to complete!


Her singing lesson is also linked. Have fun!