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Winscombe Primary School




Aim: to recognise physical and human characteristics of Greece


Have a look through the powerpoint / photos to find out about human and physical Geographical characteristics. There is a sorting activity to do too - no need to print anything! Just have a look on screen.


Then take a look at the Greek photos / fact files to find out about places in Greece. What physical and human characteristics can you spot?



Create a poster showing the different physical and human features of Greece. 

I am also adding a document below with some pictures to lead you on your way if you need some help! Consider the weather, different landscapes, ancient buildings and structures. 

Physical/human features to sort. Powerpoint will be on dojo on the day as it's too large to put up here.

Podcast Links


For our video activity today I thought we could do something different! I love listening to podcasts, there are so many different types available! I have searched some recommended for kids and here are the results. Why not have a browse , find somewhere to sit and chill out, and listen! You might learn something new, find something to make you laugh, or just listen to a story.


This site has lots of amazing podcasts recommended for children - Kids Listen - Great podcasts for kids! Take a look if the ones I've linked below are not for you. There is LOTS of choice here! This page has a list of the best starter episodes of different podcasts so this a great place to look if you can't choose! Kids Listen Playlist: Starter Episodes


Get mum/dad to check out what you listen to first please.