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Winscombe Primary School




A few of you have mentioned an interest in photography so I found this sequence of lessons exploring photography techniques.


I won't set a specific lesson - have a look and see if something takes your fancy. It might be something you need to learn from the beginning, but if you are more experienced then you might try one of the other sessions. 


Why not have a go at taking some animal themed photos linked to our Science topic?



For art this week choose an animal you love that is at risk of extinction. 


Then attempt one these ideas below. You could:


1. Print a photo of your animal like shown, then draw the other half and shade it. Super effective!


2. Illustrate your animal without printing it, just drawing the entire animal.


3. Use a programme like Microsoft word or the snip tool on the pc (search snip) - cut the picture in different parts and zoom in on different sections - eg. a paw, an ear, a mouth, a wing. Split your page into 4 and draw each part.



A little side I am so passionate about this too!

I was SO lucky to go to Borneo to work with orangutans!! This was 9 years ago now (WOW!). I saved up while working in Topshop on my weekends (boo to the sad news about this, this week!) and went on my own!! So you can achieve your dreams! I met a group of people out there, stayed with a tribe for a week in the jungle and also stayed at a sanctuary where I was lucky enough to clean out a cage for an orangutan called Maria with her sitting next to me in the cage...behind a barrier phew! You can see a photo of her below. She scooped up the water from the hose I was using and wanted to play! It was just an amazing experience. Although some of the photos look sad with animals in cages, lots were in quarantine because they had been badly treated. They had been rescued and were being looked after until they could hopefully be released. I also carved a sign to go alongside a tree we got to plant in the rainforest. You can see me sitting alongside my planted tree. I chose to plant a tree which grows 'vomit fruit' (!) named because when opened it smells like this!! We also got to trek through rivers and the jungle to follow wild orangutans. Unfortunately I didn't see any in the wild, but we smelt their poo and we heard them!!!!!! There are some photos of me staying with the tribe too. We saw lots of palm oil plantations and lots of the rainforest being cut down too. It was very sad. I have so many amazing memories from this are some!!!