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Winscombe Primary School




Objective: Think about the dreams and goals of children in a culture different to mine.


**I will share the resources for this session via class dojo on the day**


Look at the pictures of the children and consider what their dreams and goals might be. How may they be different to yours?


Read 1 of fact sheets - think about what this persons life is like.

THEN read the 2nd one. 

What is surprising?

They are both from Kenya.


Have a good discussion of this, ensuring stereotypes are explored and not reinforced about children's lives in other countries, and how they can be similar or different to our own. Consider:

1. How are their lives similar to yours?

2. How are their lives different to yours?

3. What dreams and aspirations might they have?

4. How are these similar/different to your dreams and aspirations?


Do you know any children in another country who may have similar or different life experiences to your own? I would love you to tell me about this on dojo. What do you think their dreams/goals are?


Task - create a dream spiral. Write your dreams and aspirations around the spiral template (or just create your own). Once finished, cut around your spiral so that it opens out. You could laminate it so it lasts longer. Why not hang it somewhere to inspire you and remind you of your goals and what you are aiming to achieve?



Learning to add the suffixes -ate -ise -ify


Take a look at the powerpoint and poster which explains adding these endings.


Then choose an activity.

There is a quiz, a mini test to see what you know, a bingo game or a worksheet.


The powerpoint is too large to upload here so I will post this on dojo on Tuesday morning, along with the PSHE resources.