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Winscombe Primary School

Tues Maths

Aim: to find the perimeter of rectangular shapes, including finding missing lengths.


Carrying on from our zoom yesterday have a go at this activity. There are a selection of cards - some require you to find the perimeter, as well as drawing your own shapes. The first sheet uses grid lines and the second using plain shapes - I feel after yesterday on zoom, this is where we are! You don't need to do all the cards, start and work through for a little while.


STAR CHALLENGE - There is a discussion problem to have a go at. This is the 2nd one on the sheet we did on zoom.


FINALLY - If you find perimeter really tricky, try the differentiated sheet (there's a selection of difficulty here), finding the perimeter of 2d shapes. You could do this another day this week for more practise, or go straight to this today.