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Winscombe Primary School

Tues English

Aim: Poetry themed games / focus on language in the poem The Jabberwocky


Today is all about understanding the poem more. 

There are 2 main tasks and a selection of videos and resources to help you.



Task 1 - Baddy Bags


Look at the video clips below first.



Goody Bags are fun, but Baddy Bags are better!! Decorate and fill a bag with ‘story scraps’: either use physical items you can find at home or out and about on a walk, OR draw items you think would be suitable. For example: fabric, keys, buttons, a candle-stub, scraps of letter or bits of maps.


Select items you think match your image of the Jabberwocky.


Can you bring these to our comprehension session tomorrow for us to use and discuss.

Task 2 - Time to perform!


Are you up for a challenge?!


Hold a 'poetry slam' with your family. Recite the poem and put on a performance! You could dress up, act it out, use props...OR you could each take turns to recite it and see who you think does it best! You don't need to learn the poem by heart (unless you want to of course!).


See the tips below for further advice....