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Winscombe Primary School


Science - finishing off forces


Stem experiments - your choice challenge OR Forces themed escape room!


We are going to move on to looking more at Evolution for the next few weeks so spend today finishing off Forces.


Pick an experiment from the selection and have a go at it. The pendulum video is a good place to begin - I have added a link with the description of the video which takes you to other 5 minute starters. There is a list of lots of videos and some other forces themed ones if you wish to do something else.


If you don't fancy this, look at the pdf  starters for stem ideas document which has some other investigations.


AND/OR complete the escape room! We do these in class and they are always a great success!


Have fun!

Starters for Science - 11. Pendulum Timers with Alex Farrer

Work out how to create your own 30 second timer with Alex Farrer.Starters for Science is a series of five-minute videos - SEE OTHERS HERE:

Check out this selection of experiments and investigations linked to forces: