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Winscombe Primary School


3rd July 2020   Biomes
26th June 2020   Weather and Climate
19th June 2020   Contours, Keys and Symbols
12th June 2020   Mapwork

5th June 2020   Deforestation


Using the information gathered last week, produce a poster to tell others about 'Deforestation'. Warn them about the dangers and the impact it has on the rainforest.  

Make your poster big, bold and bright to grab people's attention so you can share your message.



29th May 2020   Research - gathering information to use next week


What is 'Deforestation'?        Where and why does it happen?


The following links will help.

15th May 2020 - Geography - Latitude and Longitude
8th May 2020 - Geography - Time Zones

1st May 2020 - Rainforest Research - children of the rainforest


Do children who live in the rainforest go to school?

If they don't - how do they learn? 

If they do - what lessons do they have? Is their school or classroom like ours?