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Winscombe Primary School


Monday ~ Geography

Have another look at the Africa PowerPoint from last week and see if you can identify any similarities or differences between Africa and England.

Tuesday ~ Jigsaw

I can set a goal for myself. Can you think of a realistic goal to set and think of what you will have to do in order to achieve your goal? Your goal can be anything ... riding a bike with 2 wheels, tidying your bedroom, getting my number 7 the right way round.


Mrs Crawshaw will be going through this lesson with you during our zoom session this afternoon. There might even be a special appearance from Jigsaw Jack!!

Wednesday ~ RE

How do you think the world was created? How do you feel about it?

Thursday ~ Science

Can you research what vitamins the fruit have in them? Create a colourful poster to show your research.

Friday ~ DT

Can you make a fruit salad and see if you can try at least 1 fruit you have never tried before?