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Winscombe Primary School


Monday ~ JIGSAW ~ How to look after yourself

Last week you all came up with great ways of how to stay healthy and produced fantastic posters. This week we are looking at 6 ways to look after yourself. 

Tuesday ~ Geography

Have another look at the PowerPoint from last week and then see if you can colour in each of the flags. As a challenge can you label which country they belong to?

Wednesday ~ Art ~ Create your own book character from recycled objects!

You could use an empty toilet roll, carboard box, junk modelling....anything you can find! You can then bring your finished book character into school on Monday 8th to show us all!

Thursday ~ Science

This week we are looking at plants in more detail. We would like you to do an investigation as a Scientist! Below are your instructions:

1. Set up a garden centre in your home/garden (if you have one)

2. Put a variety of seeds on white paper plates and have a look at them

3. How do we know what the different seeds will turn into?

4. Discuss with a grown up how the seeds can be planted

5. Plant the seeds

6. Predict what will happen and start to watch them grow.

7. How can you keep your seeds healthy?

Friday ~ RE

Explore the world around you! Go for a walk with your family and try and find somewhere local that is full of nature and possibly somewhere you haven't been before. Your challenge today is to explore the natural world around you by going for a senses walk. Use your senses to spot all beautiful things!


Star Challenge - Write a SPRING poem all about how amazing spring is.