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Winscombe Primary School


Monday ~ JIGSAW

How did you feel when you faced a new challenge? Talk to an adult about how you felt. If you would like to draw a picture that would be great!

Tuesday ~ ART

Thinking back to our backgrounds we created last week, we are going to cut out our animal silhouettes to go on the top of our backgrounds. Choose which animals will be in your picture and decide where you will stick them. We can't wait to see them!

Wednesday ~ Children's Mental Health ART Project

Thursday ~ Science

Today you are going to explore an outdoor area, this may be your garden or a local park. When you are outside have a look at the plants that are growing. Talk about what they are and what you think they may look like once they have fully grown. Draw your own garden (or any other outdoor space) and map out what plants you can see along with labels and facts. 

Friday ~ Express Yourself Friday!!

Today is all about you. Think about how you want to express yourself and put on clothes or do your hair in whatever way you think it shows you the best. Continue to finish your art project you have already started.