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Winscombe Primary School

Thursday Roman WOW Day

Thursday 11th February

Roman WOW Day!

No Teacher Led Task on Dojo today but we do have some Roman Numeral 'Crack the Code' maths, Latin to practise, Roman coins to make, banquets to plan and the game of Knucklebones to learn.  What an action packed day. Don't forget our Zoom session - I am looking forward to seeing you all in your Roman outfits!

(Maths End of Unit Assessment is at the bottom of the page. Please complete before term 3 starts.)


Roman Numeral Challenge - Crack the Code
Learn Latin!
Design and make a Roman Coin - salt dough or modelling clay needed.
Build a Banquet!
Knucklebones - learn how to play this Roman game. They used small bones but you can use small stones/pebbles. If you have enough salt dough, you could even make yourself some knucklebone pieces to use.