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Winscombe Primary School




Teacher led recording:

I will be recording a video for class dojo which discusses a short animation. I will go through some questions about it. I will also explain the answers during the recording and explain how to show your answers in writing.

I will play the animation during the recording - but I will also upload it below, if you want a head start!


Additional task

It will be really good for you to have a go at a comprehension yourself.

I am attaching one linked to our book Who let the Gods out. Maz Evans, the author, has written a few short stories linked to the text that are separate to the book - I think you will like this one!


Read the text and write your answers to the questions.


If this is too challenging - ask someone to read the text with you and discuss your answers aloud.


The questions are set out using the acronym VIPERS. These stand for the skills used in reading comprehension:






Sequence or Summarise

The 6 domains focus on the comprehension aspect of reading and not the mechanics: decoding, fluency etc.  They help children become used to a range of questions and to gain a deeper insight into a text they read. 


I will attach a document with question prompts that link to these skills. You could use these in your own reading at home and construct questions about any text you read. You may spot an area you are particularly struggling with, so can then focus on this with the question stems in the document.


The Alchemist's Letter

A visually rich, darkly inventive fairy tale directed by former Student Academy Award® finalist Carlos Andre Stevens. Starring 2-time Academy Award® nominee John Hurt (V for Vendetta, Alien, Hellboy, The Elephant Man, Midnight Express) and up-and-coming star Eloise Webb (Cinderella, The Iron Lady).

Comprehension Additional Task - Who Let the Gods Out text and questions