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Winscombe Primary School

Thurs English

Aim: to write an animal themed poem
To start....follow the link below and see what words you can use to make up a poem of your choice!



Using your planning ideas (either the worksheet, a drawing, or just your own thoughts) from yesterday, write up your own animal themed poem.


It should be based on a weird / wonderful imaginary creature!


Describe your animal, place it in a setting, describe what it is doing, use made up nonsense words if you want...the stranger the better!


Feel free to illustrate and perform your poem too!


I can't wait to see the results.


OPTIONAL ALTERNATIVE - If you would rather, why not write a 'Dear Diary' style poem? Instead of describing a new animal, write a poem from the point of the view of the 'baddie', the Jabberwocky. What would he/she say if they could describe the world and their experiences?