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Winscombe Primary School

Term 4 Week two

World Book activities


Please choose an activity each day or activities you would like to complete throughout the week using the ideas below or come up with your own. Some more activities will be added as the week moves on.


Yr. 6 Escape the Library Challenge - World Book day

World book day - Website

Have a look here for activities and news

Live events

Look here for three live reads at 10.30 am wed/thurs/friday

Area of a triangle (1) Monday


Spr6.8.4 - Area of a triangle (2) Tuesday

Area of a triangle (3) - Wednesday

Area of a parallelogram - Thursday


What is volume? - Friday


Pencil and paper challenges from nrich        On this link there are upper primary activities and games with an interactive content.  These can be completed on a laptop, tablet or computer. There are a huge selection to choose from. 


Further math's work for those who want more math's and challenge.

Consolidation math's for those children who need differentiated work. 

This is for the children who have been contacted via Dojo suggesting they should complete this math's.

Add lengths Monday

Subtract lengths - Tuesday


What is perimeter? activity no work sheets - Wednesday


Measure perimeter - Wednesday

Calculate perimeter - Thursday

Calculate perimeter activity - no work sheet - Friday