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Winscombe Primary School

Term 4 Week one

Mental Health Activities

Have a joke telling contest with your family – who can make everyone laugh the most?

Rainbow painted toast anyone?!

Get out in the garden and see what you can do! Grow something, water the flowers, do some chalk pictures, cloud spotting…

Complete the daily mile in your garden or on your daily exercise outside

Hold your own disco night/afternoon (😊)



Calculate with metric measures - Monday


Miles and kilometres - Tuesday

Imperial measures Wednesday

Shapes - same area Thursday

Area and perimeter Friday

Pencil and paper challenges from nrich        On this link there are upper primary activities and games with an interactive content.  These can be completed on a laptop, tablet or computer. There are a huge selection to choose from. 


Further math's work for those who want more math's and challenge.

Consolidation math's for those children who need differentiated work. 

This is for the children who have been contacted via Dojo suggesting they should complete this math's.

Measure length - session 1

Measure length (m)


Equivalent lengths (m & cm) session 3

Equivalent lengths (mm & cm) Session 4

Compare lengths - Session 5