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Winscombe Primary School

Term 3 Week two

Week 2 


Session one - Multiply decimals by integers

Session 2 - Divide decimals by integers

Session 3 - Division to solve problems

Session 4 - Decimals as fractions

Session 5 - Fractions to decimals (1)

Maths Challenges

Added work for those who want more of a challenge.


Pencil and paper challenges from  NRICH - Nice or nasty for two - Reach 100

Other Math's Challenges

Math's Consolidation

Multiplying and dividing - differentiated math's work for those who need consolidation.

You will be told via Class Do jo if your child needs to complete this work.

Consolidate 2 4 and 8 times-tables

Comparing statements

Related calculations




Monday - Follow up from zoom -  English Comprehension - One star the easiest, three stars the hardest 

Tuesday  - Follow up from Zoom 

Identifying features of a newspaper report - one star easiest, three stars hardest.

Teacher Lead Activity - video


Science Monday and Tuesday


Light lesson – video taught by the National Academy teacher


Complete the tasks and the experiment. Record in your exercise book.

The video is 30mins long but the lesson will take much longer with pauses for activities and responses. Therefore complete this over two days.

Teacher Lead Activity - Wednesday - Video x2 on Class Dojo - Follow up short activity.

Teacher lead video On classdojo- Thurs - short handwriting session follow up - Copy the words in your book.

Teacher lead video lesson - Friday


This National Academy lesson is a great reminder of the word classes. Take part in the lesson's activities.

Science and Design Technology - Tuesday and Wednesday

Watch the clip above on shadow puppets. Design your own at home. See if you can have moving parts perhaps use a split pin to help with the joints. If you have time you could make up your own shadow puppet play and perform to an adult.

Art Project - Thursday