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Winscombe Primary School

Term 3 Week 6



Monday - Please complete the second comprehension in you home booklet sent from school.



Grammar lesson - Tuesday


Please complete the lesson on exploring simple past, present and future tense.

Tuesday - adverts

Please create an advert for a new invented scooter or bicycle or skateboard. You can use the above planning sheet to help. Try to include all the features we highlighted on Tuesday.

Find pairs of values (1) - Monday

Find pairs of values (2) Tuesday

Metric measures - Wednesday

Convert metric measures Thursday


Pencil and paper challenges from nrich  Number sandwiches        On this link there are upper primary activities and games with an interactive content.  These can be completed on a laptop, tablet or computer. There are a huge selection to choose from. 


Further math's work for those who want more math's and challenge.

Consolidation math's for those children who need differentiated work. 

This is for the children who have been contacted via Dojo suggesting they should complete this math's

Draw pictogram- session 1

Interpret pictograms - session 2

Bar charts - Session 3

Tables Session 4

Science - National academy -  Where do different colours come from? Monday


Please complete the lesson and the activities.

R.E - Tuesday


What is Ramadan?

How is it celebrated?   Please answer the two questions. Think how you could record you facts - perhaps start to develop a poster/model of  all your facts on this religion.

French - Thursday

Complete the  French lesson below:


Music -  Thursday

Please complete the lesson below


P.E challenges