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Winscombe Primary School

Term 3 Week 4

Handwriting - gh

Grammar work - Friday

Complete both sessions

Revising the being verbs - can be completed quite quickly

Fronted adverbials

Shakespeare Research

As we move through the week, please can the children research William Shakespeare.

Answering the following questions:

Who was he?

Why is he still famous?

When/where did he live?

What is his legacy?

Any other facts they want to add.

The facts can be displayed as a poster, model or power point or any other exciting method.

This website could be used:

Maths - Percentage of an amount (2) Monday - Session 1

Percentages - missing values - Session 2 - Tuesday

Find a rule - one step - Wednesday - Algebra

Find a rule - two step - Thursday

Forming expressions - Friday

Pencil and paper challenges from nrich Strike it out for two Neighbourly addition   



Consolidation maths for those children who need differentiated work. 

This is for the children who have been contacted via Dojo suggesting they should complete this math's.

Scaling -Session 1

How many ways? - Session 2

Count money (pence) - Revision of money - Session 3

Count money (pounds) - Session 4

Pounds and pence - Session 5


Teacher Lead Activity - videos


Monday and Tuesday



Refraction lesson – video taught by the National Academy teacher


Complete the tasks. Record in your exercise book.

The video is  over 35mins long but the lesson will take much longer with pauses for activities and responses. Therefore complete this over two days

Mrs Worthy's lesson

Still image for this video

Art Project - Self Portraits

We are continuing with our theme of portraits this week. Please look at the step by step instructions. ( We  kindly had permission to use the photo from the child and their parents.) If you can't print out a photo, draw another portrait and cut it out or find a  large picture from a magazine to use.

Science and Design technology - Periscopes

There are many ideas on the internet on how to construct a periscope with videos. You can use the example above or another method but please complete the science element of the activity.


If you don't have mirrors look at the idea below using tin foil. Have fun making. Perhaps decorate your periscope and give it a catchy name.


How do you make periscope with tin foil?


Cut a hole in the bottom of the box about 1 inch from one end. Cut out a hole in the lid about 1 inch from one end. Fold the ends of the aluminum foil mirrors, making tabs that you will now glue to the inside of the box. Using the wet tabs, fasten your mirrors at a 45-degree angle at both ends of the box.