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Winscombe Primary School

Role of the Secretary

 Parent, Teacher & Friends Association

                                                                                                                                                   Winscombe Primary School


North Somerset

BS25 1HH




 Registered Charity number: 1041266







Purpose of Role:


The Secretary supports the Chair to build effective communication links between the school and the association and maintains accurate records (see below).



Duties and key responsibilities:


  • Prepares for meetings (with the Chair)
  • Takes minutes at meetings, recording attendance, action points, decisions and proposals
  • Circulates approved minutes, along with a reminder of any actions agreed
  • Maintains association records
  • Updates trustee details with Charity Commission (as appropriate)
  • Assists the Chair writing the annual report for the association
  • May be a signatory on the PTFA bank account (along with at least one other committee member)
  • Handles written and email correspondence received for the association



Key Skills:


  • Organised and efficient – keeps accurate records in a format that can easily be handed over to successor.
  • Good listener – able to identify key discussion points, actions and agreements at meetings to accurately record in minutes.
  • Calm, friendly and approachable –able to communicate confidently with the school and committee.