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Winscombe Primary School


Literacy NOTES


Use sessions 6-10 for this week as a one off short topic.


I think the narrative is better to start back with than sessions 1-5 which is a report focus. IF you would rather do sessions 1-5, I don't mind at all - take a look!


I am attaching in the 'extra resources' below:


* screen shots which I have used in previous years. I got the children to order them and write how suspense is created at each point. This doesn't fit with the plans I have found and attached for you - but session 1( if you choose to do 1-5 instead of 6-10), asks for screenshots, so you may need them!


* I am also attaching a 'vocabulary ninja' sheet which was on the literacy shed - this may be good to refer to later in the week as it has some fantastic language word mats on it!


* The vipers guide just has some comprehension questions on if you want to refer to it in a discussion. 

However, good questions are also available alongside the video on the website. I will link below!!


* There is also an activity pack but don't think you will need this! Might be handy for some early finishers