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Winscombe Primary School

Physical Activities

Physical Activity Weekly Challenge

Hi everyone! Welcome to your physical activity weekly challenge page. Here you will find what your challenge is this week. We have noticed everyone is doing lots of daily exercise whilst you are at home which is amazing so please keep doing it as it is so good for your physical health, your mental health as well as your ability to learn as well as possible.


This week's challenge will be a trio of '60 second' personal best challenges. These will be burpees, mountain climbers and star jumps. You can choose one of these exercise or combine two or even all three! 


Challenge - can you do all three exercises as part of a mini circuit? Decide upon a rest time between sets before completing the next 60 second challenge. A 60 second rest may be a good idea!


I can make it easier by - reducing the activity time to 30 seconds if 60 seconds is too long for younger children. 



Or if you prefer... why not try Judy Hopp's Zootropolis training test. At the Zootropolis Police Academy, Judy has to prove she's got what it takes. Have you got the skills to pass this test?

1. Stand to attention and start by doing 10 star jumps

2. Now do five hops on your right and five on your left

3. Finish by running on the sport for 10 seconds and then salute

4. Repeat this as fast as Judy would for ten minutes, or make up your own moves.

Feel Fab Feb

This ends this Sunday! Please send us a photo on class dojo if you have managed to complete lots if not all of the challenges. We can't wait to share with you 'Spring into Spring' next week!