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Winscombe Primary School

Physical Activities

Physical Activity Weekly Challenge

Hi everyone! Welcome to your physical activity weekly challenge page. Here you will find what your challenge is this week. We have noticed everyone is doing lots of daily exercise whilst you are at home which is amazing so please keep doing it as it is so good for your physical health, your mental health as well as your ability to learn as well as possible.


Feel Fab Feb

Remember for the whole month of February we are doing 'Feel Fab Feb'. Please see the attachment below ad try and tick off as many activities throughout the month as you can.

Your 60 Second Challenge: Socks in the Box

How many socks can you pair up and put in the box in 60 seconds?

Target Challenge

This challenge card encourages you to create your own targets and improve your aiming skills. If you don't have access to beanbags, balls and hoops you can use something in your house e.g. rolled up socks, buckets or bins! Remember to ask an adult for permission. You can play on your own or you might want to challenge another person in your house or in your bubble. Alternatively, you could try and beat your personal best! Give yourself 10 attempts and see if you can improve your score.

Challenge: can you use your non-dominent side? See the video below to see how you can make this skill easier or harder.

Using the same skills, why not have a go at Target Treasure or Rolling Golf. Please see the video below for more information.

Bonus Challenge

As a bonus challenge this week with the Superbowl taking place on Sunday, please find a link to the Change4Life 10 minute shake up 'Buzz's Superbowl' challenge.