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Winscombe Primary School


Daily Phonics Activities

Please find below your daily phonics activities to complete. As you can see, there is a variety of learning available. Please do not rush through phonics, we have taught all of the sounds so it is now your chance to go back over things you are not sure about. If you have any questions about which set of learning your child should be completing please contact us on Class Dojo.


Remember to use some of the games on Phonics Play to consolidate all your amazing learning. 

Monday ~ Recap

Recap phase 2, 3 and phase 5 sounds. Please continue to do this throughout the week if you feel like this would be beneficial. See below the phase 3 and phase 5 Powerpoints with all the sounds attached.

Tuesday ~ Pseudo Words

Have a look at pseudo words. This means 'fake' or 'alien' words which have just been made up! They help your child read phonetically and helps them apply their phonics knowledge when reading the words.

Wednesday ~ Create a monster!

Create your own monster using pseudo words! Can you use your sounds to create your own monster? Put the sounds together and read the name of your monsters to a grown up! Choose which sounds your child is most comfortable with.

Thursday ~ Real or alien?

Have a look at the following selection of words. Are they real words or are they alien words? See if you can sort them into two columns.

Friday ~ Phonics Game

Today is all about recapping by applying your phonics knowledge in different games. Pick a selection of games from the websites below. Please send us a message if you are not sure which level your child should be on. There are lots of games on phonics play about real or made up words that you could play.