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Winscombe Primary School


Daily Phonics Activities

This week we have combined phonics and english together so you may notice we aren't focusing on a specific sound. Please continue to keep learning your phase 3 sounds by looking on your sound mats at home and also looking under the additional english resources on the website.  If you have any questions about which set of learning your child should be completing please contact us on Class Dojo.


Remember to use some of the games on Phonics Play to consolidate all your amazing learning. 

Monday ~ What is a verb?

Mrs Crawshaw will go through this in our zoom lesson this afternoon

Tuesday ~ Can we spot the verbs in the sentences?

The worksheet for today has 3 different levels so please choose the sheet that your child feels most comfortable with.

Wednesday ~ using verbs in a sentence

There are 3 different worksheets for today so please choose the level that your child feels comfortable with.

Thursday ~ Identifying adjectives, nouns and verbs

Mrs Travetti will go through this in our zoom session at 9.45am.

Friday ~ Choose a phonics game of your choice!

​​​​​​Below are some websites with a variety of phonics games. Please pick the level and sounds your child would like to learn about today.