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Winscombe Primary School






Below are some activities to choose from to practise coding at home.


Hour of Code Teacher Resources |

This website has links to an hour of coding activities. There are lots to choose from - so I am leaving it up to you as all the children like different things. I tried the Dance Party one Dance | Some of the activities have a teacher guide to walk you through.


OR - these websites have links to other sites and activities to try:


Five top games to make coding easier | STEM


Home Learning (



My best friend runs a coding business and works for the company Teen Tech. He has been into school in the past to run coding workshops which the children may have participated in. He is running live events which he is happy for you to participate in. You need to sign up. See the link below, it is all completely free. 


TeenTech Live: Register for Sessions | TeenTech


Tuesdays event is Ali & Kate Russell from BBC Click. 


Wednesdays event is a Space theme with Ali, Dallas Campbell & Suzie Imber who builds instruments for space missions and trained as an astronaut!


Ali says please say HI if you are watching and joining in live...he will always try his best to give you a mention too!!!