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Winscombe Primary School

Mon English

Aim: To read an understand a poem


The Jabberwocky (by Lewis Carroll)


This is a strange and wonderful poem that features in the book Alice in Wonderland. It has lots of nonsense words in it. 


TASK: Read through the poem and watch the videos to try to get an understanding of what the poem is about. Draw your own version of what you think the Jabberwocky looks like from your own imagination. Surrounding your illustration, write a selection of effective describing words to describe your animal/monster. You can then use these later in the week when writing your own poem.


NOTE FOR PARENTS - I have attached 2 links below to clips from the 2017 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. This is a PG film so please check you are happy for your child to watch these first before showing them.

Jabberwocky Shadow Puppet Performance

A shadow puppet performance of Lewis Carrol's nonsense verse poem cJabberwocky' for the Pack of Wolves exhibition at Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, on the 2 March 2013.

If this poem is too challenging, use the same activities throughout the week linked to this animal themed poem instead: