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Winscombe Primary School

Mental Health Week Info & Resources

Express Yourself Whole School Art Project


"Together we are one"


Download the attached pdf and complete the face activity - you can do this in any way you like! Instructions are on the sheet. The idea is to think about your inner self and decorate it with your hobbies, interests and everything which makes you 'you' and helps you to express yourself. You can colour, paint, collage or whatever you like - be as creative as you like!


Drop your finished project into the school office BY MONDAY 22ND FEBRUARY. We will then be creating a whole school display of our work.

Another art project if you want to get involved...

Billy Ocean, The Young Voices Choir - Lovely Day (Official Audio) ft. YolanDa Brown, Ruti

This song has been recorded as a charity single to support Children's Mental Health Week