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Winscombe Primary School

Maths Mon

Review of fractions so far


Today you have a choice! White Rose moves fast - so take today to focus on either:

- finishing off something you haven't managed to do yet

- catching up with some of the work we have already covered or completing some of the problem solving activities on a particular area


- re-looking at something you feel you need more work on.


There are links below to two videos which give an overview of fractions so far.


Video 1 reviews equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions.


Video 2 reviews comparing fractions - which we are doing more of this week.


IF you are confident with everything we have done, I will be attaching a reasoning and problem solving document and 2 powerpoints below which should challenge you!! It reviews all the fraction section so some of it we haven't covered just yet. See how you get on. 

These discussion problem activities are great if you want to keep going over improper fractions and mixed numbers - these are a little easier than the Star challenges below