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Winscombe Primary School

Maths Mon

Fractions greater than 1


This is a revision of a concept introduced last year.


I think most children will need to recap this. They need to understand that if the denominator and numerator are the same (4/4) then they have a whole. Today introduces the idea of mixed numbers, where you have a whole amount along with a fraction. We will move onto this more tomorrow.


You can explore this simply by folding a piece of paper in 4, colouring in 1 quarter, then 2 quarters, 3 quarters and then 4 to get the whole paper coloured in. You could then colour 5 quarters - by folding a second piece of paper and colouring in 1 quarter on this one too, adding it to the first piece of paper = 1 whole and 1 quarter.


IF you are ok with fractions, have an explore of the extra work I have put below. You may want to go straight to this.

Fractions greater than 1



There is a link to the website IXL. I used this last lockdown. You have to pay - so this is completely optional. However it covers all KS2 concepts. Some of this hasn't been done yet, but it will be great for children to use to explore IF they are confident and won't get overwhelmed. Look through the fractions section.



I am also linking some NRICH challenges - 


The light blue / dark blue explores fractions in shape form.


The Fractions lengths is more challenging. There is an extra one to move on to if you need it!