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Winscombe Primary School


Maths Learning

Please find below your daily maths videos and activities to complete. For each day we have uploaded a main piece of learning which we are expecting everyone to try. We have set different activities each day in order to meet all the children's needs. If you have finished your main activity and would like something more challenging, please click on the star challenge activity (if there is one that day). As with all of the learning, please pick the learning that your child feels most comfortable doing. If you have any questions about which set of learning your child should be completing please contact us on Class Dojo.

Monday ~ Related Facts

Monday ~ Related facts

Tuesday~ Comparing number sentences

Tuesday ~ Compare number sentences

Comparing Number Sentences Practical Game

Game: Number Pots

You will need: 6 pots, counters (pasta, coins, cereal etc) and pen/paper.


How to play

1. Set up 6 pots with different amounts.

2. Choose 2 pots and count how many is in each pot. Then work out how many there are altogether. Write this as a number sentence on your piece of paper.

3. Choose 2 more pots and repeat, taking care not to lose the first sum as this will be needed next.

4. Compare the two number sentences you have. Which is bigger, smaller or are they equal? Write the correct symbol between the number sentences to 'compare' them. Good luck!


Wednesday ~ Comparing number sentences

(Mrs Travetti will go through the introduction of this lesson with you in your zoom lesson)

Thursday ~ Comparing number sentences 

Friday ~ Maths Quiz!

Please can your child do this independently. Of course you can help read the question (words) but if you can try to let them read any numbers themselves. Your child can use as many resources as they like to support them with their quiz e.g. counters, cubes, blocks. Good luck and have fun!