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Winscombe Primary School

Lin Williams

My name is Lin Williams and I have been an educationalist for 43 years, 25 of which were spent in Zambia, Africa. This was an amazing experience which gave me a deep understanding of teaching in a multi-cultural setting and helped to form my belief in a rich, creative and inclusive curriculum which inspires children to love learning. Whilst there, I held the positions of Principal of two all-through schools, catering for pupils aged 2 – 18. My own children were born in Zambia and as a family, we have fantastic memories of a beautiful country steeped in culture and tradition.

Upon our move back to the UK, primarily to be near our parents, I worked at Bournville Primary School for almost five years, before discovering the delights of the parish of Winscombe and Sandford.  In January 2007, I took up  the position of Deputy Headteacher and Class 6 teacher at Winscombe, then in January 2010 moved on to Sandford Primary School where I became Headteacher. In January 2013, I was appointed Executive Headteacher of the Strawberry Line Federation, responsible for Winscombe and Sandford schools. This has been an exciting and extremely fulfilling role, ensuring links across the community as well as supporting our two wonderful schools in the provision of high quality education.

I am very fortunate to have team of highly skilled staff across our federation, supported by an extremely skilled and dedicated governing body. I feel very fortunate to work in an idyllic part of country, as part of a warm and caring community.