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Winscombe Primary School

Week 1

Tuesday 5th January


Our focus for this week is using commas in a list. Please start working through the activities on the link below. 

Using commas in a list


Our topic focus for this term is about keeping healthy. In science we will be finding out about healthy living and in history we will be finding out about famous nurses.

To start our history topic I would like you to think about the question 'What makes someone significant?

Look through the presentation below. Can you think of any significant people?



You can fill out the worksheet, draw /write about significant people in your yellow book or talk to an adult about any significant people you can think of.





Wednesday 6th January

9am - Live Zoom Session: History


Maths - Session 3 from above


History/English - follow up from Zoom session.

Explain what the problems were at the hospital and how Florence Nightingale solved them. You can either complete this work on the activity sheets below or write your response in your yellow book.

If you were unable to join the Zoom meeting, I have included a lesson presentation on Florence Nightingale in the documents below.


Thursday 7th January

9am - Live Zoom Session: Spelling

After the Zoom session, you can either write sentences in your book using different homophones or complete one of the activity sheets below.

If you were unable to join the Zoom meeting, I have included lesson presentations on homophones for you to read through please choose which one you'd like to do.


Maths - Session 4 from above



How do you program a robot?


Friday 8th January

9am - Live Zoom Session: English

If you are unable to attend the Zoom session, please complete the reading comprehension sheets.


Maths - Session 5 from above


Reading comprehension - Little Red Riding Hood