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Winscombe Primary School

Headteachers' Blog

7th February 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Well here we are, at the end of the penultimate week of Term 3, and what a quick but fulfilling term it has been!  Being that it is only six weeks long, it feels like you blink and you miss it.


S tarting with Winscombe Primary School, pupils within the School Council have been focusing on road safety, considerate parking and the environmental impact of vehicle use on a ‘school run’.  With their usual ability to be creative, they have compiled the following poem, which skilfully encompasses their observations and concerns -


‘School Run Blues

People can choke

From your smoke

So when you drop

Be sure to stop

Because engines that run

Are no fun


It's no joke

For other folk

Remember this rule

As you come to school

Or show you care

And park elsewhere


When the air is cleaner

Winscombe is greener


By Winscombe School Council’


Please be mindful of where you park and of course, the safety of our children.  I would also extend this request to our parents/carers at Sandford Primary School, with the added repeated request to use the safety of the pedestrian access gate at all times into school, as opposed to the double gates into the staff car park, which is a risk that can be avoided.


On another note to all parents/carers of The Strawberry Line Federation, I would just like to remind you of the importance of attendance.  Whilst this may appear insignificant at times, when children miss sporadic days it does create holes in learning and understanding, while week-long absences can mean whole topics are lost in Maths or English.  So do, please, think twice – is it an absence out of necessity, or is it something that can be organised during out of hours or in school holidays?  We really do appreciate your help with this.


Shout Outs – Inside Out: children and staff have fully embraced our new core values, with a focus on these important characteristics both inside and outside of school. As you are already aware, ‘Fair & Respectful’ are on the agenda this term and selected pupils have received their first presentation by staff members, this week.  Displays are also adorning the classroom windows at Sandford and Winscombe Primary Schools, where parental feedback will be on show, as and when received (come on folks, do your homework).  We really are looking forward to finding out about all the lovely things our pupils have achieved outside of school.


And to conclude this week’s editorial ; Rugby last weekend (stunned silence….)

Nothing more to be said. 


Have a lovely weekend.  Play safely and take care.  We can only hope the remainder of the England games will be significantly better in the matches to follow.  Not that I watched it of course; Mrs T was having none of it – domestic chores and car cleaning were her priority.  Internet, I-pad and car…… would I?


Mr Tucker