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Winscombe Primary School

Headteachers' Blog

1st May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope this finds you well and adjusting to the ‘new normal’.  When we look back at this period in a few years’ time, phrases like, ‘new normal’, ‘strange times’ and ‘that Mr Tucker is a jolly nice chap’ will really stick in our minds.  OK, OK, the first two maybe not so much, but the last one’s got legs… surely?  I’ll get my coat.


Part of the ‘new normal’ also appears to be cutting the hair of our nearest and dearest.  After much deliberation, it was decided that Sam would be sacrificed be the first to experience the pleasure of a ‘Mummy Cut’ as I was too scared and Soph refused point blank.  Turns out our instincts were right; Sam now does a rather passable impression of Friar Tuck and we have shelved this little experiment for the moment.


One thing I am slightly disappointed about, is the lack of video clips (can you call them video clips anymore; am I showing my age?) of families performing the Blinding Lights Dance Challenge coming our way.  We have had a go and the results are variable.  Sam is about two beats behind the rest of the family; Mrs T is not as fit as she once was (only due to lockdown, naturally) - collapsing in a heap after about 30 seconds practice; it turns out that my hand eye coordination is akin to a giraffe on roller skates… on ice… in the middle of a hurricane and then you have got Soph who has nailed it and is now huffy with the rest of us.  Please make me feel better about my family and send us in a clip or two.


Thank you to everyone who has had the opportunity to use ClassDojo, uploading work and photographs of how the children are getting on.  Once again, please do not worry if it looks like others are completing more than yourselves, please just do what you can.  That said, as this lockdown progresses, anything you can do with your children would be fantastic.  If nothing else, reading to you each day, writing a paragraph and/or having a go at the maths set, would be amazing.  In regards to the photos being sent in, please do think carefully about which ones you pop across to us.  With our strict safeguarding rules, we may not be able to show some images which look lovely but are not quite what we would feel comfortable about sharing on a school platform.  If in doubt, we always err on the side of caution so please don’t be offended.


Although it was in last week’s newsletter, it is worth mentioning again that in the Covid pages on our websites, there is a section which has links to wellbeing which you may find helpful at the moment.  While this can be an anxious time for children, the same is absolutely true for adults.  If you are feeling low or things seem to be getting on top of you, please do check out these websites.  They may just be able to help out.  Similarly, if you would like some support from school because your child is struggling a bit, do let us know, either through Dojo or by contacting the school office.  If we can help, it would be our pleasure.   There is also a link under our Covid tag to a useful site, WHAM, which offers financial advice and, in some cases, financial support.  It is there to be used so please consider it, if you think it may help.


This week’s Tucker’s Homework is to add flowers to your countryside scene, perhaps dotted around the base of some trees or along the riverside?  Whilst this may not be very high on your list of things to do, it might offer a distraction for the family while the changeable weather sets in.  Again, any pictures would be gratefully received.

Play safely and take care of yourselves.  I’m off to polish my dance routine!


Mr Tucker