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Winscombe Primary School


Using Microsoft Word


After seeing some of you struggle to type up your work in class I thought this would be a good thing to practise!


This is a really good skill to have ready for when you move to Secondary and you might need to type up your homework / present work.


Have a play around with Microsoft word on your computer (if you have one, if not can you practise typing on a different app?). I will upload some documents below which show and explain some of the different symbols - however as there are lots of different  versions of Microsoft Word, your own version may look slightly different.


I will do a video on Friday to talk you through it too. I will put this on dojo.


It is up to you what you create - you could have a go at some of the ideas below, or you could type a letter to send to someone in your family who you haven't seen for a while, you could create a poster or write a story or poem... whatever takes your fancy! Your choice.

What skills can you do?


See if you can:

  • write text
  • change the size and style of the text (font / bold / underline / italicssize)
  • save a document
  • print a document


Extra skills...can you:

  • cut, copy and paste an image or text onto your document
  • check your spelling using the spell check
  • highlight words
  • use bullet points or numbers in a list