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Winscombe Primary School

Foundation Subjects

Monday - Art/DT

Upcycle an object from home so that it relates to a book. (E.g. a paper plate, wooden spoon, lolly stick, potato, pebble, t-shirt.) You could draw your favourite book cover on a paper plate, turn a wooden spoon into a book character or paint the name of your favourite author on a pebble. When you return to school, please bring in the objects so we can display them.

Tuesday - Geography


WALT: name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom.


Find an atlas and locate the countries of the UK.

Read through the presentation below and find out the capital city and national flower of each country.

Record this information on the map provided.


Are there any special places that you have visited? Can you locate them on the map?

Wednesday - Geography

WALT: identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom.

Watch the clips below and find out about key characteristics of the four countries of the UK. In you home home learning book, write or draw some key features of each country. You could write down some famous landmarks, what the landscape is like or foods that are special to that country.

Exploring the United Kingdom

Thursday - World Book Day


Choose a World Book Day activity from below to complete.


Share a Story Corner


Make a Gruffalo Cake

Friday - Music


High and Low Sounds