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Winscombe Primary School

Foundation Subjects

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Computing or Art


Create the front cover of your anthology.

You can create your front cover using pens and pencils or the computer.


What will your anthology be called?

What images will you draw to represent the poems in your book?

Don't forget to put 'Tasty poems chosen by' and your name.


You can find out more about formatting text on the computer at BBC Home Learning.


If you want to improve your typing skills have a look at the following websites:

Dance Mat Typing Tutor


Typing Games

Thursday - Computing/English


Use your computing skills to type up a poem. You might want to type up the poem you have written or you might choose another food poem to add to your anthology.


If you haven't got a computer to type on, you could write it up instead. Maybe you could write it in a pen or different colours?