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Winscombe Primary School

Foundation Subjects


Next week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is 'Express Yourself.' Self-expression is all about communicating your individuality. It is a great way to relieve stress and free your mind. We would like each child to draw, colour, paint or collage who you look like on the outer-self side of the face (left hand side). Then draw, colour, paint or collage your hobbies, emotions, thoughts and feelings on the inner-self side (the right hand side).  We would like to display all portraits in the hall as an art installation called together as one. Please complete your project and hand it into the school office by Monday 22nd February. For more information, please click on the 'Children's Mental Health Week' tab. 


Monday - Art

WALT: find out about famous artists

Look at the artists on the Tate Modern website. Who do you find interesting? Are there some art ideas that you would like to use in your work?   

Choose one of the artists and find out some facts about them. Practise using some of their techniques so you can use them in your artwork tomorrow.

Tate Modern for Children

Tuesday - Art

WALT: express ourselves through art

Use the template below to express yourself. You might use some inspiration from the artist you investigated yesterday or you could use some ideas from the link below.


Th Art Room at Home

Wednesday - Computing

Thursday - RE


WALT: think about who makes up our family.


 Focus on the ‘family’ group. Ask the children, who is in your family? Do they all live in the same house or different houses? How often do we see members of our families who don’t live with us? Explain that there are different sorts of families – not everyone is the same.

Activity - represent your family by drawing a family tree to show how family members are connected.

You can use the template below or create your own family tree.