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Winscombe Primary School

Foundation Subjects

Monday - DT

WALT: use our knowledge of a healthy diet to design a meal.

I have designed a dish that includes the different food groups.


In your home learning book, design a balanced pizza. Draw your pizza and label the different foods that you are going to use. Next to the food, write the food group that they are in. Have you included foods from fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein and dairy?

I have included some recipes below but you can also follow your own recipe.


If you don't like pizza or have another recipe that you want to try, you can design a different meal. 

Tuesday - DT

WALT: use our knowledge of a healthy diet to prepare a dish

I have used a range of tools to perform the task.

I can talk about how to prepare food safely.


With an adult, make the pizza that you designed yesterday. Remember to wash your hands before you start preparing the food. What verbs are you doing as you prepare the pizza? Look at the word mat below, did you carry out all of the actions to make your meal? If you are using a knife, remember to have an adult with you.

Don't forget to send me a photo of your delicious creation when you have finished.


If you want to do an additional activity, you could write a recipe for your pizza.

Wednesday -  science


WALT: understand the importance of exercise

Design a set of one minute exercises. What happens to your body after you exercise? Record your findings on the worksheet below or in your home learning book.

Thursday - PSHE

We have been investigating ways to keep our bodies healthy but sometimes we still catch germs and become ill. When this happens, we might have to take medicine to help us feel better. Look through the presentation below to find out about how to take medicines safely. In your home learning book, write or draw two ways you can be safe when taking medicine.