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Winscombe Primary School

Foundation Subjects

This week, I would like you to keep a 'Healthy Living Diary'. I would like you to record the food you eat and the exercise you do. You might also want to record how much water you drink and long you sleep for. You can record the information on the sheet above or make your own 'Healthy Living Diary.'


This week, I challenge you to eat a fruit or vegetable that you think you don't like or one that you have never tried. Often our tastes change and something that we didn't like when we were younger, we do like when we're a bit older. 

If you try something, I'll retry a some celery!

Find some fruit or vegetables from your kitchen. Look carefully at the shape and the detail. Sketch them and colour them. You might want to just draw one fruit/vegetable or you could draw a few.

Wednesday - Science

Creating a healthy lunch.


Use your knowledge of the food groups to create a healthy and balanced lunch. You could draw your lunch or make it and take a photograph. Check your lunch includes: 

A high fibre or wholegrain starchy food, e.g. wholemeal bread

2 portions of fruit and vegetables

A portion of beans, pulses, fish, eggs meat or other proteins, e.g. a bean salad.

Some dairy


Lunchbox ideas

Friday - Music

Understanding Pulse