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Winscombe Primary School

English Thurs

Create a purpose for writing - designing notecards

Today I will do a session of Maths and English on zoom - I will introduce the write up and then the children can continue this, this week and next if needed.


I am going to upload some images below to give you some ideas behind the note cards. How brilliant are these notecards! The children who created these were in the equivalent of Reception / Year 1!! There are 2 separate projects here but the cards were designed to give information on birds. Our notecards should link to our posters. The children can choose an animal they have researched, illustrate it and then write a short piece of information explaining some key facts about it.


I will explain this to the children on zoom. It would be really lovely if over the next week, the children create a notecard to send to a relative - as with lockdown, creating a class set of cards to sell will be difficult.


I will create a note explaining the project which can be attached to the notecard, as well as a template for you to use.


I will upload these tomorrow- but there is no rush to use these tomorrow!!