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Winscombe Primary School

English Fri

Aim: devise an escape route!


This week we have learnt the story of Icarus and how Daedalus came up with a clever plan to escape using the candle wax and feathers to create a pair of wings to fly away on.


If you were in their position what cunning, clever way can you imagine to escape? 


They are in a castle, probably in a high room, the windows would be holes in the wall - no actual windows at that time! 


Write a few paragraphs explaining your escape plan. How would you create any props to assist you? Or would you do something different? Where would you plan to end up? Would any one help you? Like Icarus, is there a moral message with something bad that happens to teach you a lesson?


Draw your escape route along with your explanation!


Escape from a prison .... real life inspiration!


Have you heard of Alcatraz? This was a prison that was on an island off the coast of San Francisco in America. I'VE BEEN THERE! Don't worry...not because I was arrested! You can now visit it as a historical site. I will upload some of my photos below, including some of the cells where inmates really tried to escape...imagine squeezing yourself through the tiny holes.


In class people asked how did Daedalus and Icarus get through the bars on the window? As I wrote above, there probably weren't bars on the window then...but the inmates of Alcatraz found a solution. Take a look in my photos to see how they did it.


I am uploading a map of escape points where prisoners tried to escape. As well a link to 2 websites where you can read facts about it. The prison was closed because it was so notorious - lots of famous criminals  and gangsters were imprisoned there; there were fights...and lots of escape attempts. BUT no one ever managed it...we think!


Have a read about the famous June 1962 escape attempt. 


NOW - how are you going to get out of the prison King Minos has put you in, like Daedalus and Icarus?