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Winscombe Primary School


Light Poetry Competition


We are entering a North Somerset competition, writing our own poems about light.


Our Blue class poems are going to have a rainbow theme. See the ideas below and do these activities.


First, have a look at these photos and read about how rainbows are formed.


1. Section a page into 6 sections. Label them red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple.

     Write down as many items as you can think of that are each colour, just to get your ideas flowing!


For example:

Red = strawberry, watermelon, apple, red nose day nose, fire

Yellow = lemon, sun, sunflower, buttercup....




2. See the examples below and write a draft poem of your own. Remember:


- each colour should be on a new line

- use descriptive words / adjectives to add details and make your descriptions interesting

- use 'and' to add more ideas for each colour, rather than just one

- can you think about what red tastes like? smells like? looks like?




3. Use the template to write your finished poem.

Example poems:

Template for finished poem:

Coming soon....






Read Jack and the Beanstalk at home. If you don't have a copy, search for an online retelling or see below.

Make sure you are familiar with the story!


This is ongoing and could always use practise multiple times weekly! Thank you for any help with this!


I have attached some handwriting pages below for you to practise on.