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Winscombe Primary School


Monday - reading comprehension

Read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and answer the questions. Choose your level of challenge.

Additional Activity – In your home learning book, write your thoughts about the story.

                                What do you like or dislike about the story?



WALT: use the apostrophe to show possession

Follow the activities on BBC Bitesize


WALT: use the apostrophe to show possession

Today you are going to continue developing your understanding of possessive apostrophes.

Have a look at the lesson presentation below then choose one of the activities.


Activity 1 - choose one of the worksheets to complete




Activity 2 - write some sentences from Jack and the Beanstalk that include possession


E.g. - Jack stole the giant’s harp.



WALT: identify key events in a story


On the worksheet or in your home learning book, write what happens at the beginning middle and end of the story.


WALT: use conjunctions to join our ideas.

Use the adjectives from the character description sheets to describe the characters in the story. Use conjunctions to extend your ideas.

You can use the worksheets or your home learning book to write the sentences.

e.g Jack is brave because…


Challenge - can you use a conjunction at the start of your sentence?