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Winscombe Primary School


This term we are looking at the story of Oliver's Vegetables! We will be looking at what happens in the story, who the characters are and even try and make our own vegetable soup!
Monday - watch the story of Oliver's Vegetables!

Oliver's Vegetables

Tuesday - order the pictures of Oliver's Vegetables

Cut and stick the pictures of Oliver's Vegetables in the correct order. Remember to leave some room under each picture for your sentences tomorrow!

Wednesday - add a sentence to each of your pictures

Can you add a sentence to explain what is happening in each picture of the story? How much detail can you remember?

Thursday - add more detail into your sentences.

Can you add anymore detail into your sentences? Can you use any adjectives? Below is a video to remind you of how to add description to your sentences.

Friday - what is the story about?

Can you complete the sheet to tell me what the story of Oliver's Vegetables is all about?