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Winscombe Primary School


Monday ~ What is a non fiction book?

Have a look at the PowerPoint that explains the difference between fiction and non fiction. Can you tell your grown up what the difference is between fiction and non fiction?


Tuesday ~ Research an African animal.

Choose an African animal to research about and make notes about what you find out. You will need these facts later in the week when you create your own non fiction book about your chosen animal. Here are a few facts to get you started. Which animal will you choose?

Wednesday ~ Create your own non-fiction book.

Create your own non-fiction book today. You are going to focus on your African animal's appearance. Remember to add pictures to make your information book really interesting! Below are some pages you can use if you would like or you can create your own!

Thursday ~ Habitat and Food

Where does your animal live? What do they eat? Add this to your information book!

Friday ~ Interesting Fact

This is the last day of your book. Can you research an interesting fact about your animal for the last page.