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Winscombe Primary School


Monday - conjunctions

WALT: use conjunctions to join ideas.

Watch the clips at BBC Bitesize and complete some of the activities in your home learning book.
BBC Bitesize Conjunctions

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - writing a persuasive leaflet


Over the next three days, you are going to write a leaflet that persuades people to live a healthy lifestyle. You can write your leaflet in your home learning book, on the template provided or your can create your own design.

Here are the steps of success for the leaflet:

WALT: write a persuasive leaflet 

Hop - I have used catchy headings and alliteration.           

Skip - I have used rhetorical questions.  

Jump - I have used conjunctions to extend my sentences.  


Wednesday -  healthy eating section 

Thursday - exercise section

Friday - hygiene and sleep section