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Winscombe Primary School


Week 3

Week Beginning: 18th January 2021

We hope you have been enjoying learning all about Handa's Surprise! Your learning has been so lovely, well done everybody.


This week we will be looking at nouns!


What is a noun? Mrs Crawshaw will be going through this in our zoom lesson today. At the end of the lesson you will be going on a noun hunt!


Today we will be using everything you learnt last week about adjectives to describe the animals in Handa's Surprise. 


Have a go and see if you can identify the nouns.


Can you change a part of Handa's Surprise to make it your own? What will you change - a character, an animal, a fruit, the ending , the setting .... it's totally up to you! When you have decided how you are going to change the story create your own story map. Mrs Travetti will be going through this with you in our zoom lesson today.


Can you add any nouns or adjectives to your story map?

Star challenge! - can you re write Handa's Surprise with the changes you made last lesson?