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Winscombe Primary School


There are many questions with this reading comprehension. Please complete what you feel is suitable for your child. They do not have to answer all of the questions.

Tuesday - spelling

Wednesday - Features of Persuasive Texts

Watch the clip on ClassDojo of Miss Humphrey looking at different persuasive leaflets.

As you watch the clip, tick off the features that you identify on the worksheet

If you don’t want to print off the worksheet, you can put your thumbs up as you see the different features then write some examples of catchy slogans in your home learning book.

If you want an additional activity, you could design a poster persuading people to visit a location in your local area.

Thursday - using adjectives

Choose an item, in your home learning book, describe it using interesting adjectives. You might want to use one of the objects from page 3 of the lesson presentation or you might want to use your own idea.


You could use the word mat below or a thesaurus to find new adjectives.


Can you use alliteration?


Can you use the adjectives you have thought of to create a catchy slogan?


Friday - creating an advert

Create an advert persuading people to eat the healthy lunch that you made.


WALT: write for different purposes.

I have used adjectives to expand nouns.

I have used alliteration.

I have used a rhetorical question.