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Winscombe Primary School



Write sentences describing what Little Red Riding Hood has in her basket.

Choose your level of challenge from hop, skip or jump.

For example:

Hop - She has buns, milk and eggs in her bag.

Skip - Little Red Riding Hood has lemonade, cake and apples in her basket.

Jump - In her basket, Little Red Riding Hood has fizzy lemonade, chocolate cake and shiny apples.


You could also use different characters in your sentences.

E.g. Jack has a harp, gold coins and a chicken in his bag.


You can write these sentences in your Home Learning Book

If you have finished the work on exclamation sentences, you could write your own examples in your book or practice your punctuation skills by playing Karate Cats.


Activity - write a letter to Grandma. 

Hop - include full stops and capital letters.

Skip - use commas in a list..

Jump - use an exclamation sentence.